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Ambition24Hours has been the leading nursing agency in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. As an industry leader, we are continually reviewing our agency rates for nurses and care staff, to ensure that we are attracting the best workforce.


“Registered nurses and healthcare assistants, who deliver vital nursing care, must be fairly and adequately rewarded for their skills and experience. We aim to ensure that we are the highest paying nursing agency in the UK.”

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What our Nurses say about us

Ambition24 has one of the best rates of pay and when it comes to work, the consultants that deal with my bookings always try to make sure that the placements are what I’m comfortable to work in. This ensures that the client is able to get the best service from me.
Hence I have been with A24 for the last 15 years.
— Elyne Ababa, Choi, RGN/RSCN
Ambition24 is an outstanding agency who recognised that, Nurses deserve to be paid better rates, according to the nature of their job and dedication to their professionalism.
It’s only Ambition24 who offers good rates for nurses and no other agency in the current market can achieve that.
— P. Seko, RGN Acute HD Renal (NHS & Private)
Ambition is one of the best companies I have ever worked with, very convenient when it comes to giving shifts to their staff, great pay rates.
Moreover, their consultants in the office are so amazing, very supportive, professional and very friendly. They are ready to listen, they will find work for you.
— Naomi Keta, RGN, Surrey