Ambition - UK's first 24-7 nursing agency

Ambition 24hours was the first #NursingAgency to offer 24-7, 365 service. 
That's service every hour of every day.

We were the first agency to publish pay rates on-line we did this to ensure complete transparency, so that it was and is absolutely clear to workers who register with us the rates of pay and conditions of work. The goal was and continues to be to empower #nurses and #HCA workers: we pay good rates of pay as part of a total, personalised service, that protects that interests - as well as those of the clients we serve and that of the patients.
Ambition is able to offer these rates because of our reputation as the #agency of #lastresort. This means that when other agencies are unable to provide staff, we usually can. Service providers contact us when other agencies cannot supply the nurses and HCAs they need at short notice, as a result of staff illness for example.
Our capability is founded on the relationships that we develop with our workers. We maintain close contact with them, and ensure a full understanding of their work and career needs. We also provide an on-line diary to further assist them.

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