New Ambition 24hours Nurses Guide to NHS Buying Solutions Occupational Health Compliance

All the occupational health requirements for the NHS Buying Solutions - Purchasing and Supply Agency - for nurses may seem daunting to medical staff who want to register for temporary assignments. However, a new guide by Ambition 24hours nursing agencyA24Nurses sets out the steps to take to ensure compliance for working with the agency. There are also details of useful contacts, such as independent medical laboratories in the UK where immunity tests are available. To view please Click Here

The NHS Buying Solutions occupational health requirements cover immunity for Varicella (Chicken Pox), TB (Tuberculosis), Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Hepatitis B - as well as additional immunisations required for EPP (Exposure Prone Procedures): Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C and HIV.

A24Nurses is leading the way amongst nursing agencies in offering a number of ways in which medical staff can obtain the necessary compliance in order to work with the agency. As a preferred supplier to the NHS, A24Nurses offers compliant candidates shifts across the UK in areas and at times to suit staff best.

Before A24Nurses can offer candidates work, the NHS requires them to supply the agency with valid documentary evidence of immunity. Available options are to organise immunisations with an occupational health department, if the candidate has access through his or her place of work, for example; or secondly, where this does not apply, they can visit the web link to find the nearest NHS Occupational Health Department , and contact them to organise immunisation. As a third option, private occupational health providers can be contacted to organise immunisations.

A24Nurses operates amongst the most advanced compliance systems of any UK locum or nursing agencies, to ensure the highest standards of safety in the provision of medical staff – and to assist candidates easily to monitor and upgrade their status with additional annual training or other measures. The bespoke management ICT system was developed by the agency's in-house team to meet the needs of candidates and healthcare service providers alike for fast support and access, safely and securely.

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